Cosmetic dentistry

Implant restoration

Dental implants can be a great option for many people who are missing teeth. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw bone to hold a replacement tooth. When cared for properly dental implants can last a lifetime because of their durability. Also, as opposed to a bridge or denture, implants can prevent bone loss in the jaw by providing the pressure and stimulation needed to maintain healthy bone structure. Once fully healed, a dental implant has comparable strength to a natural tooth.

Our office works closely with local specialists who place implants. After you are done with the specialist they will send you back to our office to have the permanent crown placed. Together we can achieve a beautiful and functional smile that can last a lifetime.


Veneers are a very thin ceramic shell that covers your existing tooth structure. With veneers you are able to fix the look of issues such as staining, cracked teeth, spaces, misaligned teeth, chipped teeth and many other issues.


• In-Office – Sinsational Smile ®
A beautiful smile is an important asset. Not only do white teeth enhance your smile, but they make you feel more confident about your appearance. You’ll actually look younger and feel better in just 20 minutes! You deserve to have a beautiful and exceptional smile. We can help you achieve a whiter smile and more confident you, in just 20 minutes.

• Take-Home Kit
With customized dental trays and our take home gel, patients are able to decide for themselves how often and how long they bleach to get the smile they have always wanted. Once they have the color they like it is easy to maintain!

• Kor ® Whitening
Developed by cosmetic dentist and bleaching expert Dr. Rod Kurthy, Kor is used by thousands of dentists worldwide and is considered to be the most reliable system ever developed.

• Fluorescent Express White
This is a powerful (35% hydrogen peroxide), single-procedure, non-light-activated in-office whitening system. The kit requires no mixing and includes everything needed to whiten teeth fast in just one office visit.
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